OHONESTY’s iPhone 13 Tempered Glass


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OHONESTY® Military Grade Tempered Glass for Ultimate Screen Protection for iPhone 13 and 14 Series



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Military Grade Durability

Most durable tempered glass made for Apple

Trusted by Amazon

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We made it 100% cover friendly!

Whether you have a silicon case, hardcase or a funky designer cover for your favourite iPhone, we made sure that this tempered glass fits perfectly without touching the edges of your cover.

Introducing the best tempered glass for iPhones

3 Months of Gurantee - Military Grade

We are the leading brand for the most advanced and durable Apple screencare products. Only OHONESTY offers 3 Months of additional warranty with 100% refund (No questions asked)


Your Questions Answered!

Absolutely! We understand the frustration, that’s why we provide a free installation kit with our screen protectors, making the installation process very simple and easy. The kit includes all the necessary tools and step-by-step instructions to ensure a perfect fit and alignment on your iPhone.

Yes, it does! We know how important it is to keep your iPhone’s screen in pristine condition. OHONESTY’s tempered glass are equipped with an advanced anti-scratch coating that adds an extra layer of protection to your screen.

It effectively guards against scratches from daily use, such as keys, coins, or other sharp objects.

Absolutely! We understand the annoyance of smudges and fingerprints on your iPhone’s screen. That’s why our screen protectors come with a specially formulated anti-fingerprint coating.

Enjoy a smooth and smudge-free touch experience, all while maintaining the pristine look of your iPhone’s display.

Yes, our screen protector is specifically designed and made for the iPhone 13.

We’ve taken great care to ensure that our screen protectors perfectly fit the dimensions and contours of the iPhone 13, providing seamless compatibility.

Our screen protectors are built to last. With their ultra-strong military-grade construction, they offer long-lasting durability.

Absolutely yes! We understand that using a case is an essential part of protecting your iPhone. Our screen protectors are designed to be case-friendly, allowing you to use your favorite case without any fitting issues. 

Not at all! We understand the importance of maintaining the touch sensitivity of your iPhone’s screen.

You won’t experience any loss in touch sensitivity or responsiveness when using our screen protector. Rest assured that your interactions with the screen will remain smooth, accurate, and as seamless as they were without the protector.

We understand that mistakes can happen during the installation process, and we’ve got you covered. You will get an additional surprise in the box that will help you even if you made any mistakes.

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